Climbing Kilimanjaro Routes

Which is the best Kilimanjaro route?

We get that question asked a lot. And rightly so! Kilimanjaro has many routes that lead to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. Each of them has its own aces and frauds and should then be carefully researched in order to make a well-versed and educated choice.

And recall that this choice is very much an own one. Answering which route is ‘best’ for Kilimanjaro is tricky because people famine different things out of their Kilimanjaro climb. From our skill, we have recognized the following 4 elements to be what climbers value most:

  1. Acclimatization profile and therefore success rates
  2. The beauty and variety of terrain and scenery
  3. How long is spent on the mountain
  4. The total cost of the climb

Keep these things in mind when reading the rest of this article and making your decision. But firstly, to equip you with the right knowledge for choosing your route up the roof of Africa, let’s make a start on your Kilimanjaro preparation. Here we have outlined the 7 different established routes on Mount Kilimanjaro:

List of Known Kilimanjaro Routes

  • Lemosho Route
    The Lemosho is the most beautiful Kilimanjaro route
  • Machame Route
    The Machame is the most popular Kilimanjaro route
  • Marangu Route
    The Marangu route only offers hut accommodation
  • Rongai Route
    The Rongai is the only Kilimanjaro route that approaches from the North
  • Shira Route
    The Shira route approaches from the Western side of Kilimanjaro
  • Northern Circuit
    The Northern Circuit is the newest and longest Kilimanjaro route
  • Umbwe Route
    The Umbwe is the shortest, steepest and hardest Kilimanjaro route

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